Selling a shell company?


We are not just interested in selling, but also particularly in acquiring potential shell companies. Together with the owners of potential shell companies, we determine the value of the (their) business (potential shell company) and ascertain the best strategy to divest/sell the operative business sectors which may be important for the seller. These can be subsidiaries, real estate, machines, patents or naming rights.


We have extensive experience in both practical implementation and the formal implementation under stock corporation law (company contracts, valuation reports, (extra) ordinary shareholder meetings etc.).

The seller can determine the value of its potential shell company together with us. If its earlier activities are affected by legal challenges and/or shareholder compensation claims, this does not pose as an obstacle, as it generally requires extensive, value-adding action by us in order to transfer a company to the status of a shell company. provided by Instant IPO SE - All rights reserved.